Capturing Essential Data

The Smart Mouths Smart Kids data collection tool functions as a limited but focused electronic dental record.  It is designed to capture data elements that are most commonly needed in a school setting:

  • Identification information
  • Demographic information
  • Oral health status

Since the data collection tool uses a unique student identification number that is generated by the application, it will allow a child’s school-linked oral health information to follow the child if s/he moves to a different school or a different community.

The Smart Mouths Smart Kids data collection tool is not intended to replace comprehensive electronic dental records found in clinical settings.  Eventually, we hope to be able to transfer information contained in the data application to the most commonly used electronic dental record systems, which will ease the burden of dual entry.

The data collection tool has been  tested over a four-year period by 5 pilot communities. During that time, 22,361 students received preventive oral health services in a school setting.

Watch this short Prezi slide show to learn the process of getting started with SMSK in a school setting.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has a tool called VISION: Visual Information System for Identifying Opportunities and Needs that can provide data to help you prioritize chronic disease and behavioral health measures.

All providers who want to access and use the data collection tool must complete a user application.  Click here to download a copy.