How will you know if the numbers make sense?

Your budget and financial projections are the backbone of your business plan. Without complete and understandable financial projections, your business plan won’t be convincing because potential partners will not have a clear picture of the feasibility of your plan.

The Smart Mouths Smart Kids Feasibility Calculator is designed to assess the financial sustainability of an existing or future school-based oral health program. It also may be used to assess the financial sustainability of expanding services by enabling users to modify numbers and quickly see how that affects models.

The calculator is an Excel file that prompts users to input information on program services, schools, enrollment, and costs. Based on the provided information and other data, it calculates estimated program costs and reimbursement. It also estimates reimbursements that may be obtained for children enrolled in Medicaid and the Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+). The resulting estimates may be used to evaluate program financial sustainability.

Download the Feasibility Calculator

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